Our Experience

Frank Beaumont

Managing Director


Frank is often described as 'the life blood of the company'. His knowledge of the industry and the products is immense; having the eye for the fine detail, the next style and fashion.


Yorkshire man Frank has been in the industry all his working life, starting out in Woollen manufacturing where he studied textiles, applied chemistry and dyeing. He was then involved in Furnishing Fabrics before moving over the Peninnes to Berisford Ribbons where he undertook various roles for over 15 years before setting up Botex in 1987. In recent years he has travelled extensively in India using his experience to source quality fabrics and then design and manufacture product for selected high street retailers.




Botex works with some of the UK’s, Europe’s and the World’s best weavers and manufacturers, whether that be in the manufacture of textiles, ribbons, embroidery and trimmings or in our ranges of finished Products, we ensure that only the best will do.



Sue McGovern

Finance Director


Sue is the controlling influence of Botex, she personally has over 40 years in the textile industry. She starting out life in fashion and then had over 20 years at Berisford ribbons both in administration and sales. Her experience was instumental in the team who started Botex.


John Heath

Sales Manager - Bulk Fabrics, Ribbon,
Embroidery & Trimmings.


John has a wealth of experience in the textile industry, starting his working life as a boy in a local garment manufacturer he has now over 50 years in the industry. John is an expert in ribbons, embroidery and narrow fabrics working for 35 years with Berisford Ribbons and Botex, and manages this important part of the company.


Office Team


The Office Team has a great understanding of the textile industry being able to use their knowledgeable to provide an efficient service, ensuring enquires are dealt with quickly and professionally. The key personnel have been in the industry for many years and can transfer these skills to suit any customer requirements.


Distribution and Warehouse Team


Our dedicated and loyal team have been with the company for many years, using their experience for the benefit of the customer by mainaining high standards and more than meeting expectations.